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adult swim

Senior Writer.


Adult Swim had a tiny staff and every one in the office could be pulled into any project. As a young staff writer in Atlanta, I worked on everything from episodes of HARVEY BIRDMAN ATTORNEY AT LAW and STROKER AND HOOP to the award-winning ADULT SWIM website to voicing characters in SQUIDBILLIES to making special features and DVD content for shows like ROBOT CHICKEN and THE VENTURE BROS. I ran a camera and wrote the Adult Swim "bumpers" on music specials, like the J. DILLA tribute concert on the Stones Throw CHROME CHILDREN album. I even worked on Hot Topic's Adult Swim T-shirt licensing and promotions. 


Two personal highlights are:

- writing the HARVEY BIRDMAN video game for Capcom, which won Best Video Game Script of 2008 from GameSpot.


- Concepting the Adult Swim 2007 April Fool’s prank, where the entirety of the upcoming AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE film debuted on-air a week before its theatrical release… except the film shrank to a bug on the corner of the screen after the opening three minutes.

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